Born in Manhattan, raised in Hempstead and Queens, Laneya A. Wiles a.k.a “L.A.W.” has always had a love for the performing arts. In Pre-K she was approached by a school teacher who referred her to a manager named Suzelle. From that point, she was featured in several commercials such as Tylenol, MTV, USA Network as well as participating in fashion shows for the children’s department of Bloomingdale’s. She always enjoyed performing for her family setting up fashion shows, writing one-act scripts and performing Shakespearean plays with her parents. Her musical theatre career started when she was a little girl performing Broadway hits at Wendy Taubman’s “Stars of Tomorrow” in Jericho, Long Island, NY. She continued to perform in school/regional plays and started learning how to play the Alto Saxophone in the 5th grade.


Since 1991, Laneya continued to audition and receive call backs by major Casting Directors like Jaki Brown, Lynn Kressel, Donna McKenna, Bernard Telsey + Company, The Three of Us, Donna Deseta and many more for roles in commercials, film/tv, theatre and radio spots. For years she was managed by Shirley Grant Management who freelanced with agents like Abrams Artists, Jordan, Gill & Dornbaum, CESD, Innovative, Gilla Roos, and Anne Wright Rep. to name a few.

Laneya has worked on films such as “The Jonas Brother’s 3D Experience”, the indie film “The Big-Shot Caller”, and “The Last Call” with Harry J. Lennix (who has been her mentor/”2nd Dad” ever since) and has appeared in shows like MTV’s Reality Show, “Run’s House”, modeling for Angela’s Rundown section of Word Up! Magazine. Other magazines she’s modeled for include Hype Hair, Jewel,Black Woman Magazine, Black Men Magazine, and Fabric Magazine, etc. She’s appeared in ads for Coca-Cola, pharmaceutical products (eg. Lamictal) and Time Warner Cable. She’s worked on radio spots for products like Gilette Venus “Embrace”, Metlife, and AT&T as well as contributing her voice to ADR work for films like “Spinning Into Butter”, Rosie O’ Donnell’s Lifetime movie “America”, “On The One”, Showtime’s “Angel”, and “Brooklyn’s Finest”. She could also be seen in music videos such as Mario’s “Just a Friend” and “Boom”, was Young Jeezy’s leading lady in the “Streets on Lock” video by Bleu Davinci feat Fabolous; working with some of the hottest directors out there such as Benny Boom, Juwan Lee, Diane Martel and Hype Williams.

Laneya acknowledges that with an ever-changing career, it is important to take a more active role in the entertainment industry. With this in mind, Laneya is in preparation of writing and producing her own films.”It wasn’t always an easy journey… as a matter of fact it was NEVER easy, and still isn’t. There’s always some obstacle in my way, but I never let that stop me. Someday, I wish to tell the world my story and hopefully it’ll inspire others not to give up hope even when things seem impossible. I personally can’t see myself doing anything else. I’ve always loved performing and I refuse to do anything outside of the entertainment industry. I was born knowing what I wanted to do in life and I’m going to make sure I complete my mission. I just want to bring something different to the table, make a contribution to my culture and make history. I don’t want to be forced to emmulate any other successful artists. I was born an individual and plan to remain that way.”