Come for some laughs at Broadway Comedy Club, Tomorrow – July 9th, 8PM!!!

Come out tomorrow for a night of laughs with yours truly!!!

Live On Air Restaurant Stand-Up Performance

Had a great time performing at Live On Air Restaurant in Brooklyn and here is the link to the stand-up comedy show that streamed live last night: L.O.A. Periscope Stream


L to R: Ethan Feldman, Vernita Bostick, Laneya Wiles, Whitney Chanel Clark, attendee, Ace Reyes, Angela Star (host)

Moët Moment Film Festival

Decided to gather the fam and cease the opportunity to win this $25,000 film grant by taking on the challenge to shoot a 30-60 second short with the theme,  “This is your moment”. If I win, it gets to be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival.

To watch the 60 second short, click here.


The Hunter Report with Hunter Peress

I just had the pleasure of being a part of an episode of The Hunter Report with Hunter Peress, where he had me as a guest model to demonstrate the differences in quality during a Portrait Lens Battle between the Sony G Master 88mm and the Sony 70-400 F4.

The episode could be viewed at The Hunter Report on Facebook.

Soon, I’ll reveal shots taken from our photo shoot. We had a lot of fun!

Attendance at the Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards 2017

I had the privilege to attend the 2017 Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards where the focus was on awarding women who made a great contribution to research of heart disease and heart attacks in women, since it was proven that females experience heart attacks differently than males do, but often in research, this fact had previously been ignored. 

It was great to see the honorees, LaQuitta “Shai” Wilkins, Janine Austin Clayton, MD, Holly Andersen, MD, and attend an event that was hosted by Jane Lynch. Hoda Kotb was in attendance, and there were performances by Carly Rose Sonenclar, Bella Electric Strings, and Melissa Etheridge. 

Last, but certainly not least, I got to meet yet another honoree, the legendary Laila Ali.

It was a truly enlightening and pleasant experience in the heart of the city! 

Appearance on SNL Skit… “Jingle Barack”

Had a chance to be with, you guessed it… Chance… The Rapper, Kenan Thompson, and Leslie John’s in this SNL skit titled “Jingle Barack” celebrating our Last Christmas with Barack Obama. Enjoy!

A shot in studio A before heading to set!

RisePhoenix – My Store Launch

So, I’ve finally done it!

I decided to open my Etsy store, “RisePhoenix”, with some of my crocheted goods (for now). I might whip up some other kinds of goodies in the near future… so, keep an eye out. 😉

I like to be creative by any means necessary… so, why be confined to just one mode of expression?  Why can’t we be dynamic and utilize all of our talents?!

Since I was a child, I was always encouraged to keep myself busy with projects.  I loved performing, painting, drawing, building, making jewelry, doing just about everything you could imagine!

So, why keep yourself in a box?  I personally like to think outside of the box… then, create a whole new box to break out of!  Celebrate being unique with me, check out my first few handmade items available in my store, buy a scarf or hat that says “you” all over it, and be merry! (Okay, now I’m done telling you what to do with your life).


Laneya 💋

Are You Disciplined in FEAR or FAITH? My Story…

Are You Disciplined in FEAR or FAITH?


When I was growing up, I constantly always saw kids around me in school getting injuries – either sport related, or just a serious accident.

For example, in high school there was a new person breaking a leg EVERY, SINGLE DAY on the four flights of stairs because we always had so little time to go from building-to-building in only 4 minutes of time or because they were on a sports team or from dance. It was extremely easy to fall in my school (since there were thousands of us in the hallways at the same time) and I was one of the very few to never get in a serious accident. I dodged that bullet…

When I graduated college, I was hanging around a lot of new people, and naturally you start sharing you’re personal experiences. Most people I knew at that point had either broken a limb or had surgery. I repeatedly would say,

“I’ve never broken any bones or limbs. I’ve never had any surgery”….this became a HUGE FEAR of mine.

One day, I was finally hired for this job I slaved to attain through a 9 month internship… started training… and got into a debate with my mother about this 9am-6pm job vs. my 21 year Acting Career while making myself juice in the kitchen. During this disagreement, I went into the refrigerator. There was an unstable item which pushed this glass bottle out of the fridge…

AND I CAUGHT IT…but not before it collided with this thin glass pitcher.

This chopped through my thumb, severing my tendon. I saw the bone, then a river of blood. I was bleeding everywhere.

Long story short this is what happened…

1. I finally got into that “serious accident” I feared for so long.
2. I needed surgery, needed a blood transfusion, and found out I had an issue with my blood.
4. I LOST my job even though they said I’d have a job when I healed.
5. I FINALLY had an acting opportunity that occurred IMMEDIATELY the day after my surgery, so I missed out. That was the first and only opportunity that had popped up in months.
6. When I healed, I took a job that made me work more, doing what I DIDN’T sign up for, yet being paid for less.

I was DEPRESSED…used to say things like “I wish someone would just shoot me in the head and end it now“…crying in the storage closet at work, in the bathroom, at the front desk…and I also wound up going through a break-up. This was the lowest point of my life. I started listening to audiobooks like The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want. I had listened to it before, but I thought it was COMPLETE nonsense. GARBAGE.

How could I be the reason why I got into such a TERRIBLE ACCIDENT? How did I MAKE my surgery, blood transfusion, the loss of my job, the long dry spell in my acting career, happen??? For the longest time I REFUSED to believe this was true until I SUMMED up all of my experiences. IT WAS TRUE.

My VIVID IMAGINATION MADE IT HAPPEN. This was MORE than overwhelming and made me sad that I did this to myself. Then, I was RELIEVED because I learned that I WAS THE ONE who could turn it around! If I was AS DISCIPLINED in my BELIEF/FAITH as I was in my FEARS (WHICH I MADE HAPPEN)….Then, there’s NO LIMIT as to HOW FAR I can go in life. I DECIDED to take RESPONSIBILITY for my life, instead of letting life happen to me.

You want to know what happened when I made this turn around?

1. I finally got new representation.
2. I finally got called to audition… 2nd audition I got, I booked a movie called Gimme Shelter working with Vanessa Hudgens, Rosario Dawson, Brendan Fraser, and James Earl Jones… something I’ve waited for all the years I’ve been acting (since I started at 4 years old).
3. I keep things up the way I’m going, I’m about to be a 6 figure Earner from EMPLOYING MYSELF!

Now, having faith requires DISCIPLINE…you can’t believe today and not tomorrow, you have to work CONSISTENTLY on your faith. So TELL ME…

What are you disciplined in? FAITH or FEAR?